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'Sports are boring' -- Gregg Popovich

November 2, 2015
Gregg PopovichMark L. Baer/USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Royals closed out their World Series win over the New York Mets on Sunday night, coming back from 2-0 down in the ninth inning and winning 7-2 in 12.

So, with the San Antonio Spurs in NYC to play the New York Knicks on Monday, coach Gregg Popovich was asked if he watched Game 5.

No he didn't.

"If it's nighttime, it's dinnertime. Dinner and wine. No baseball, no football, sports are boring. I'm serious. You think I'm being funny. Why would I want to watch a baseball game when I could go to dinner and relax with friends and enjoy it?"

Classic Pop.

ESPN Knicks reporter Ian Begley contributed to this report.

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LeBron James and Stephen CurryAP Photo/Ben Margot

Recently we brought you the top 10 players, as rated by the latest "NBA 2K" game.

The ratings for "NBA Live 16" also are here -- and they're quite a bit different.

Here's the top 10 (and ties):

1. LeBron James (97)

2. Kevin Durant (96)

T-3. Anthony Davis (95)

T-3. Marc Gasol (95)

T-3. Blake Griffin (95)

T-3. James Harden (95)

T-3. Chris Paul (95)

T-8. LaMarcus Aldridge (94)

T-8. DeMarcus Cousins (94)

T-8. Stephen Curry (94)

T-8. Russell Westbrook (94)

That's right: LeBron James (no surprise) is No. 1, 2014 NBA MVP Kevin Durant is No. 2, and a handful of talented stars across positions come in tied for third.

Meanwhile, the reigning NBA MVP is tied for eighth -- definitely an eye-opening number for a player many consider the best in the league. Then again, perhaps "NBA Live" is drawing upon more than just last season for its ratings; few before 2014-15 had Curry in that top-player-overall conversation.

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The ratings for "NBA 2K16" are out, and -- unlike in "Madden" -- nobody in the league was given a 99.

In fact, the highest rating was a 94, given to a player whose name long has been synonymous with "best in the NBA."

That's right. Even Stephen Curry's MVP season -- which gave him a four-point jump over his score a year ago -- couldn't push him past LeBron James, although the latter dropped four points (partly due to, as Bleacher Report explains, a new way of calculating rankings).

James Harden's players' choice MVP campaign got him a four-point boost, as did the continued scary-goodness of Anthony Davis, but they still couldn't take down The King. Kevin Durant's injury, meanwhile, likely was the reason for his fall from second place and a 95 rating a year ago. (Interesting note: The three non-LeBron top-four players are on the cover.)

There were a couple of surprise inclusions on the list. Carmelo Anthony was 20th in player efficiency rating, 49th in real plus-minus and 81st in wins above replacement last season, yet checks in at No. 8. LaMarcus Aldridge (11th/25th/22nd) was also an eyebrow-raiser at tied for eighth/No. 10.

Not that either is bad, far from it, But still, no love for the best player on Aldridge's team?

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NBA impersonator extraordinaire Brandon Armstrong has won scores of fans this summer with his crazy-good takes on LeBron James, James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook and more. Westbrook even tweeted his support of Armstrong.

Well, it looks like the Oklahoma City Thunder guard isn't the only NBA player who likes Armstrong's work. On Wednesday, the former D-Leaguer dropped a Manu Ginobili impression:


... and Ginobili responded:

Armstrong is quickly becoming the James Adomian (look him up, kids) of the NBA.

Can't wait to see what's next.

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This year's NBA Finals matchup is a noteworthy one. Sure, the four-time MVP is facing off with the 2015 MVP, but that's not why this series is particularly important.

This year marks the first time the Finals haven't featured Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade since 1998. That was a long time ago ... 17 years to be exact. Do you remember what the world was like then? Allow us to remind you:

Furby was the hot toy on the market. Yeah, that creepy furry creature that undoubtedly gave you nightmares. Still terrifying.

FurbyYvonne Hemsey/Getty Images

Google was founded. There was life before Google search? People used books to look up information? What a concept.

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa broke the home run record. McGwire finished the season with 70 home runs and Sosa finished with 66, both besting the record previously set by Roger Maris.

Sosa & McGwireVincent Laforet / Staff

Britney Spears' first single "... Baby One More Time" was released. As if every teenybopper didn't try to learn the choreography from her music video.

Britney SpearsL. Busacca / Getty Images

Paul Pierce, Vince Carter and Dirk Nowitzki hadn't been drafted yet. Michael Olowokandi was drafted in the coveted No. 1 spot of the 1998 NBA Draft ahead of these guys. How bizarre.

"Armageddon" was a box-office hit. With this movie came Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" which quickly climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and outer space ... enough said.

ArmageddonTouchstone/Getty Images

"Dawson's Creek" made its television debut. Before there was "The O.C." there were the trials and tribulations of Dawson Leery. Joey and Dawson forever!

Dawsons Creek
Getty Images

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