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ESPN Los Angeles
Hall of Fame

The five inductees to the 2011 ESPN Los Angeles Hall of Fame (with percent of votes):
1. Magic Johnson (79.1)
2. John Wooden (64.9)
3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (62.8)
4. Wayne Gretzky (42.7)
5. Sandy Koufax (38.2).

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Note: If they're still active, they're not eligible.

Visit the discussion page to talk about who you think should be considered for the inaugural Hall of Fame class.

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Meet the panel

ESPNLA Hall of Fame: The Panel Video
J.A. Adande defends his picks: On the clock Video
Steve Mason defends his picks: On the clock Video
Arash Markazi defends his picks: On the clock Video
Ramona Shelburne defends her picks: On the clock Video
Steve Springer defends his picks: On the clock Video

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Meet the panel

Before you could vote for the inaugural ESPN Los Angeles Hall of Fame class,
somebody had to come up with a list of finalists.

That meant pondering, rubbing of temples, pounding of fists and debating all the sports legends in
the history of L.A. and then trimming the list to ... 20. Twenty ... in the history ... of L.A.
It wasn't easy.

Rising to the daunting challenge were five insiders of the L.A. sports scene:

Hall of Fame candidates Illustration
Who's worthy? Who isn't? ESPNLA's Steve Mason moderates a series debates:  Watch Video

    • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    • Jackie Robinson
    • John Wooden
    • Magic Johnson
    • Sandy Koufax

    J.A. Adande

    Adande is a L.A. native who's been around long enough to have seen the Rams play in the Coliseum, the Kings in their purple and gold uniforms, the Lakers playing championship games on tape delay and the Dodgers under stable family ownership.  More »
    • Jerry West
    • Chick Hearn
    • John Wooden
    • John McKay
    • Jackie Robinson

    Steve Mason

    Mason has made a career of covering sports in Los Angeles.
    "The Mason & Ireland Show" has been the top-rated sports radio show in Los Angeles for 16 years, the past seven on L.A.'s Sports Leader 710 ESPN Radio.  More »
    • Magic Johnson
    • John Wooden
    • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    • Sandy Koufax
    • Jerry West

    Arash Markazi

    Markazi joined as a columnist and writer in 2009 after five years with Sports Illustrated. Markazi has also written for Slam, King, Vibe and Playboy and is on the board of directors of the Jim Murray Memorial Foundation.  More »
    • Jackie Robinson
    • John Wooden
    • Magic Johnson
    • Sandy Koufax
    • Jerry West

    Ramona Shelburne

    Shelburne grew up listening to Chick, hanging on Vin's every word, and trying to hit to right field as well as Mike Piazza. She joined as a columnist and reporter in 2009 after seven years at the L.A. Daily News.  More »
    • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    • John Wooden
    • Magic Johnson
    • Sandy Koufax
    • Marcus Allen

    Steve Springer

    Springer has covered Los Angeles sports for more than 30 years,
    25 with the L.A. Times. He has also written 10 books on local teams, five on the Lakers, two on USC, two on boxing and one
    on the Dodgers.  More »