Your Turn: Maurice Clarett Talks

On Tuesday, ESPN The Magazine reported former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett claims he ''took the fall'' for Ohio State during a 2003 NCAA investigation and wants to ''clear his name'' with NFL owners and GMs. He claims he received cash and other benefits from head coach Jim Tressel and his staff as well as boosters.

Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger says "We dealt with this guy [Clarett] for 18 months. I just hope you've checked into the background and history of who you're dealing with.''

What do you make of the situation? Is Clarett a victim of people trying to take advantage of his athletic ability or is Clarett to blame for accepting money and gifts when he knew it was against NCAA regulations? Should NFL owners and GMs take a chance on Clarett when the NFL Draft rolls around? Use the form below to send us your opinion.