Lions fans roar over selection of Caleb Campbell

Hang out for a while in the Detroit Lions 2008 NFL draft conversation and you'll notice a difference in the attitude. Lions fans watch each team's pick with interest -- not just concerned with their own team -- and challenge Bears fans to see who can have the worst record next season.

You'd think by the seventh round on Sunday, they'd have completely tuned out. Instead, the die-hard fans received a shock as the Lions selected the feel-good storyline of the draft: Army Cadet Caleb Campbell. With the selection, Campbell won't serve two years of active duty before getting a chance to play pro football under a new Army regulation.

Detroit fans fingers began to fly across their keyboards as the pick was announced.


-- DaPhenom829

I am shocked! Finally! ...

Ford Field is going to erupt when Campbell takes the field for the first time. I know I'll be there.
-- Cacu21

I like that pick, Campbell is a steal in the seventh. Go USA!
-- MMhater

I see Campbell being as good as Roy Williams from the Cowboys, but no character issues.
-- billupspistons

As a Broncos fan, I now have a reason to cheer for the Detroit Lions! I love their pickup of Dizon, who I cheered for at CU for four years, and now the awesome pick of Caleb Campbell.
-- AmazinAthlete86

Congrats to Campbell! I think he will have a solid future in the league and will help the Lions in many areas.
-- Farley529

The Caleb Campbell pick made the draft OK for me. I think he is the real deal.
-- NFLismyDRUG