Chat Archive: OTL

"Outside the Lines: The First Report" takes a look at all the hottest topics in sports. The show airs daily Monday-Friday at 3:30 p.m. ET on ESPN.

OTL: First Report also includes an interactive element, where a guest from the show stops by to chat on SportsNation. Previous guests on the show include:


Rinaldi, Tom, ESPN OTL reporter on Tiger Woods making his return to the PGA Tour (2/24/09)
Barr, John, ESPN OTL reporter on Adam Jones involvement in an Atlanta shooting (1/12/09)


Naqi, Kelly, ESPN OTL reporter on O.J. Mayo receiving girfts (5/12/08)


Cuddyer, Michael, Minnesota Twins' RF (7/28/06)
Feldman, Andrew, ESPN poker on online gambling regulation (9/8/06)
DeShazier, John, New Orleans Time-Picayune columnist (7/26/06)
LeMond, Greg, former Tour de France winner (7/27/06)
Schad, Joe, ESPN NCAA FB reporter on recruiting ethics (9/14/06)
Stark, Jayson, ESPN.com MLB reporter on Hall of Fame voting (1/4/07)