Bowl Predictions: The Herd Outwits the Nation

Colin outpicked the Nation.

For the second year in a row, SportsNation, you picked 21 of 32 bowl games correctly. And for the second year in a row you were outpicked by an ESPN expert.

ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd improved upon ESPN researcher extraordinare Howie Schwab by picking 25 of 32 games correctly this season.

As you gear up for next year, consider this sage advice from this year's winner.

""Take your heart out of it, look at the games objectively and it's not hard to pick winners," says Cowherd. "There will always be upsets but good coaches and good quarterbacks usually prevail."

See you next year!

2007 vs. Colin Cowherd: SportsNation 21-11 | Colin Cowherd 25-7
2006 vs. Howie Schwab: SportsNation 21-11 | The Schwab 24-8