Updated: May 11, 2005, 6:33 PM

Vote: Is Jason Giambi finished?

It wasn't so long ago that pitchers found their mouths going dry when Jason Giambi stepped to the plate. Now they're practically salivating at the chance to face him.

One of the AL's most feared sluggers as recently as 2002 (when he hit .314 and slugged 41 home runs for the Yankees), Giambi has become an afterthought, hitting .195 in 27 games and staring down the prospect of a stint in the minors. But of course, with a $120-million contract from George Steinbrenner and leaked grand-jury testimony in which he admitted using steroids, Giambi isn't just any fading slugger.

So what comes next for Giambi and the Yankees? Are we all making too much of a slow start? And what will be his legacy?


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