Updated: Mar 6, 2003, 1:39 PM

Vote: Will Tim and Jason hook up?

Duncan and Kidd are close.
A Nets-Spurs game is a potential NBA Finals preview, but it's also the perfect moment to talk about one of the best stories brewing in the league -- will Jason Kidd and Tim Duncan be able to fulfill their dream of playing together next season?

A little background:

Kidd acknowledges that he wants to play with Duncan and that he'll take a close look at the Spurs after the season, when he becomes a free agent. Duncan will also be a free agent after the season, and they could end up together in San Antonio.

Or, in a scenario that ESPN.com's NBA Insider Chad Ford has floated this week, Kidd and Duncan might end up in L.A. -- in the Clippers uni!

Wherever they end up, Kidd and Duncan together would make any team a powerhouse.

We want to know what SportsNation thinks will happen. Vote below.


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