Updated: Nov 8, 2005, 4:10 PM

Vote: What's your midseason grade for St. Louis?

Labor Day and Halloween have come and gone, leaving dwindling shopping days until Christmas and a scant few Sundays until the start of the playoffs.

With eight weeks left in the regular season, all 32 teams are making the turn for home. For some, it will be a tense race to the finish line, while for others it will be time to ponder what went wrong in the first eight games.

So what do you make of the St. Louis Rams at midseason, SportsNation?

SportsNation's preseason St. Louis Rams predictions
  • 65% said the team would make the playoffs.
  • 46% said the Rams had significantly improved their defense.
  • 40% said Torry Holt would be the team's offensive MVP.

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