Updated: Dec 12, 2005, 10:45 AM

Vote: Was Van Gundy to blame for a slow start?

 Stan Van Gundy
Did Van Gundy need to go?
The other shoe finally dropped in Miami, and when you're talking about a situation that involves Shaquille O'Neal, you know it was a big shoe.

Citing family reasons, Stan Van Gundy resigned on Monday as head coach of the Miami Heat, potentially clearing the way for a much-anticipated return to the bench by Pat Riley, who has been serving as the team's president.

Picked by many before the season, including a majority of SportsNation voters, to win the Eastern Conference, the Heat are off to a disappointing 11-10 start. But is Van Gundy really to blame? Did Riley sow the seeds of trouble with his offseason roster tinkering? Would Van Gundy still be on the job if Shaq had been healthy from the start? Vote on the news out of Miami, SportsNation!


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