Updated: Dec 13, 2005, 12:34 PM

Vote: Who wins this weekend?

Just three weeks remain in the regular season and only two teams have clinched playoff berths (Indianapolis and Seattle). As the games have become more important, SportsNation has responded, losing just six games over the past three weeks combined.

Four of those six losses came in Week 14, though, as games thought to be "sure bets" were anything but. Over 90 percent of SportsNation liked six games in particular; and while they won five of those six games, only two were decided by more than three points. The losses in Week 14 came from Kansas City (at Dallas), Oakland (at N.Y. Jets), Carolina's surprising no-show at home vs Tampa Bay and San Diego's home loss to the Dolphins, which 92 percent of the 'Nation missed.

Will SportsNation keep rollin' in Week 15? Who wins Saturday's trio of games featuring playoff hopefuls? Will San Diego be the first to shock the Colts - and do it in Indy's house? And who wins key NFC games between Dallas-Washington and Atlanta-Chicago?

Simply scroll down the page, make your picks and check back next week to see how SportsNation fared!

SportsNation's 2005 NFL Pick 'Em percentage: .720 (144-for-200)*
* Win total does not include Week 8 tie on Miami-New Orleans game


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