Updated: Jan 9, 2006, 2:07 PM

Vote: Which team will win in Denver?

The defending champs are back. The New England Patriots roared through the end of the regular season and throttled the Jacksonville Jaguars in their playoff opener. Now they look to polish off the Denver Broncos. One small problem: Denver is the team with home-field advantage and coming off a week of rest.

New England quarterback Tom Brady may feel its his team that isn't getting the respect it deserves, but more than a few of the Broncos might be willing to argue it's their team that will enter Saturday's game having been deprived of their due.

Would you take Bill Belichick's pristine playoff reputation or a week off and the mile-high air of Denver? What kind of defense are the Patriots about to face? And which receiver would you want running a route with the game on the line? Vote on the Broncos and Patriots!


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