Updated: Apr 14, 2006, 3:37 PM

Vote: How much does character matter?

 Bill Leavy
Character concerns plagued Maurice Clarett.
The weeks leading up to the NFL draft are all about things we can measure. Discussions center on how fast a player covered 40 yards at the combine, how many questions he got right on the Wonderlic, how many touchdowns he threw as a senior or how many pounds he gained after a bowl game.

But what about the categories that are more difficult to quantify? What separates an Edgerrin James from a Lawrence Phillips, or Dwight Freeney from Christian Peter?

Character is difficult to discuss when it comes to NFL draft prospects. How much should what a player does off the field matter to teams filling needs and fans supporting those teams? Is it worth taking a risk on a troubled talent like Sean Taylor?

As the draft nears, we want your take, SportsNation. What does character mean to you? And how comfortable are you when your favorite team takes a chance with character?

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