Updated: May 15, 2006, 1:38 PM

Vote: How will the conference semis play out?

 Dirk Nowitzki
Will Dirk Nowitzki prove mobile enough to lead Dallas to the conference finals?
The conference semifinals have reached a critical juncture, and injuries are directly impacting both series in the West. Meanwhile, in the East, the favorites are hoping to put an early end to their series.

The Mavericks took a 2-1 series lead by winning on Saturday, but Dirk Nowitzki rolled his ankle and his mobility will be limited going forward. Are the Mavs in the driver's seat, or does the injury still make the Spurs the team to beat? And in the Clippers-Suns series, how much will Chris Kaman's shoulder injury impact the outcome?

Speaking of impact, Rasheed Wallace's past guarantees have had a positive impact on the Pistons. Are the Cavs in for two thumpings, or will they respond to 'Sheed's words with their play? And can the Nets get off the mat after three straight losses to the Heat?

We want to know what you think about these conference semifinal series as they head toward conclusion. Answer the questions below and see how your thoughts compare with the rest of SportsNation.


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