Updated: Jan 9, 2007, 2:16 PM

Vote: Good but not great?

 Jim Rice
Red Sox fans would love to see Jim Rice in the Hall of Fame.
Some Hall of Fame choices are no-brainers. All the big names (Ruth, Williams, Aaron, Mays, Morgan, Koufax, to name a few) get in easily, with dissent only coming from those who simply don't vote for anyone their first time on the ballot.

With certain players, though, induction is a long and painful process that may never bear fruit. Players who lack obvious credentials or are overshadowed by superstar contemporaries can languish on the ballot for years, with only the promise of a Veterans Committee vote to keep them hoping.

Many of these players are on our Hall of Fame snub list because of a lack of blinding, outstanding brilliance. Given a single game to win, you'd never take Bert Blyleven over Sandy Koufax. But what if you were planning for the next year? Five years? How about an entire career? Should a player be excellent for a few years, or simply very good for many?

With ballots due shortly, we'd like you to consider the following ballplayers; all of them talented, all of them with comparable stats to other Hall of Famers, but none of them with enough votes to merit induction. SportsNation, why have they been denied enshrinement in Cooperstown?


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