Updated: Jan 7, 2007, 8:03 PM

Vote: Which team will win in Chicago?

The Seattle Seahawks are hoping history doesn't repeat itself when they travel to Chicago for the second time this season for this week's playoff game. After all, a lot of things have changed since way back in October. Back then, Britney and K-Fed were still married, the Republicans still controlled Congress and the Bears throttled the Seahawks 37-6. But will the passage of time, and the return of Shaun Alexander, really result in a different ending?

The Seahawks advanced to the second weekend by virtue of their own resiliency in the face of injuries that have plagued them throughout the season but also by the good fortune of being around when Tony Romo let a snap roll infamously through his hands. The Bears had the week off, which just gave people more time to talk about Rex Grossman's abysmal performance in the regular season finale against Green Bay.

Is Lovie Smith making the right call sticking with Grossman? Have the wounded Bears, minus Tommie Harris and Mike Brown among others on defense, faced more injury adversity than the Seahawks? Vote on this showdown, SportsNation!


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