Updated: Feb 14, 2007, 11:04 AM

Vote: What will happen in 2007?

 Alfonso Soriano
Can the Cubs win with Soriano in the lineup?
Money talks, as the old saying goes. For the 2007 season, money won't just be talking; it'll be shaping the way the MLB season is perceived.

After all, fans will want to see just how the $1.65 billion that teams have spent will translate into wins. Can the Cubs, the freest-spending team of the bunch, buy their way out of the doldrums? Will the Giants regret giving all that money to Barry Bonds? Will the Red Sox regret taking on an unproven commodity for over $100 million? Which stud sophomore will pave his way to a future big payday?

For all these storylines, the true answer will come out on the field. Which result do you believe is most likely to happen, SportsNation?

Cast your vote below, and give us your opinion!


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