Updated: Feb 27, 2007, 4:35 PM

Vote: Three Strikes! Yer Out?

Pacman Jones' actions have helped stir the "Three Strikes" debate.
"There was a feeling in the room that the same guy can't be in the wrong place at the wrong time three or four times." -- NFL Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw

This was the sentiment expressed by current NFL players at a recent meeting, held in Indianapolis during the NFL combine, regarding player conduct. The result was a proposed "three strikes" rule that has picked up steam across the NFL landscape.

The idea behind any such rule is quite clear: commit three violations, in this case conduct violations, and you are out of the league. The backing for the proposed rule has sprung out of the recent shooting incident involving Adam "Pacman" Jones, and the ongoing Cincinnati Bengals arrest saga, which at the moment is a nine-part series.

What do you think SportsNation? Is the rule a good idea? If so, what should consitute a strike? Is player conduct the biggest issue facing the NFL? Vote below and see how your opinion stacks up to the rest of SportsNation!


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