Updated: Mar 7, 2007, 10:54 AM

Vote: NCAA or NIT?

 Cartier Martin
On which side of the bubble do Cartier Martin and K-State fall?
The Madness is just days away now, and although there are fewer teams worthy of consideration than there were last week, most of these teams will go away disappointed.

We've used Andy Glockner's Drive to 65 to determine that there are 61 spots in the field which are already accounted for, after Wright State "stole" a bid from the bubble dwellers on Tuesday night. That means there are only four spots available in the NCAA Tournament field.

Here's the catch. There are 23 teams still battling for those four slots. And those 23 teams are rooting extremely hard for no Cinderella stories in conference tournaments for the remainder of the week. We've listed these teams below and included their overall record against Division I opponents, conference record, their InsideRPI and strength of schedule to this point to help you evaluate them a little better.

SportsNation, we want your opinion on which tournament you think these teams are bound for come Sunday night. Simply scroll down the page, make your NCAA or NIT selection for each team. Then, compare your picks to the rest of SportsNation.

For more college basketball coverage, as the conference tournaments draw closer, click here.

Records and InsideRPI shown below are through games of March 6. Remember, only games against Division I opponents are reflected in teams' records.


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