Updated: Nov 6, 2007, 2:51 PM

Vote: Is the NFL full of unwatchable pretenders?

No matter who is playing quarterback, does anyone really want to watch the Raiders?
Page 2's Tim Keown has seen enough of most NFL teams. In fact, he's seen more than enough.

Sure, the Colts and Patriots staged a showdown for the ages, but what about all those games that didn't involve the league's two most dominant teams? Keown suggests that with teams like Tampa Bay and Seattle leading or sharing leads in their divisions, the NFL is celebrating mediocrity. And as a result, it's becoming increasingly unwatchable in many places.

So what's your take, SportsNation? Are the teams at the top of the standings legit or just living on borrowed time? Are any of the teams lurking around .500 really capable of contending, or are they just benefiting from all the mediocrity around them? And which teams are truly the most unwatchable?


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