Updated: Dec 28, 2007, 1:24 PM

Vote: Will the Patriots go all out for 16-0?

What will the hooded one do?
We now know that everyone who wants to watch Saturday's game between the Patriots and Giants will be able to watch. What we don't know is what we'll all see when the Patriots go for 16-0.

Tom Coughlin has said he'll play his regulars, although he hasn't specified exactly how much he'll play them. Bill Belichick, as usual, hasn't said much of anything that wouldn't put a latte-chugging insomniac to sleep.

But what would you do in a game that means nothing and everything, SportsNation?

The Patriots long ago locked up home-field advantage on the road to the Super Bowl and the Giants know they're going to Tampa Bay next week for a playoff game no matter what happens in New Jersey. Will the coaches go full bore with history on the line? Would you? How much do coaches owe the supposed integrity of the game?


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