Updated: Oct 6, 2008, 9:01 AM

College GameDay: America's Vote!

Like USC, SportsNation made a strong comeback from the previous week's disappointment on the college gridiron. Fueled by some wise picks in the week's biggest games, including a hefty majority correctly picking the Trojans to beat Oregon, voters surged to a 16-3 record.

Vanderbilt still had its doubters entering a big showdown against Auburn, but SportsNation made its best call of the week -- by a scant 51-49 margin -- in picking the Commodores to win at home. As for the misses? Well, fewer than one in 10 voters saw Fresno State's loss against Hawaii coming, 64 percent thought Wisconsin would beat Ohio State and 58 percent had South Florida beating Pittsburgh.

What about this week's games? It all starts with Oklahoma and Texas renewing their heated rivalry, but that's far from the only tough call on the slate.

SN's Week 6 record: 16-3
Season Total Record: 95-19

Also, make sure to vote on some of the best non-top 25 games at the PollCenter.

Cast your votes now and watch College GameDay on ESPN, Saturdays at 10 a.m. ET, to see which teams Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit think will win each of the following games:

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