Updated: Dec 2, 2008, 3:37 PM

Vote: NFL Week 14 Pick 'Em

Will Jay Cutler and the Broncos win this week?
The Broncos aren't making life easy for SportsNation voters. A week after fewer than 10 percent of voters correctly picked the Raiders to beat the Broncos, a paltry 15 percent of voters still had enough faith in Mike Shanahan's team to pick them to beat the Jets. Luckily, not every game involves the Broncos, and voters had a good overall showing in Week 13.

SportsNation's Week 13 Best Calls
Vikings over Bears (62 percent)
Steelers over Patriots (58 percent)
Falcons over Chargers (55 percent)

SportsNation's Week 13 Worst Calls
Broncos over Jets (15 percent)
Chiefs over Raiders (36 percent)
Panthers over Packers (45 percent)

Which games are most likely to trip voters this week? It's in your hands now, SportsNation!

SN's Week 13 record: 10-5
Season record: 121-69-1


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