Updated: Mar 15, 2010, 11:33 AM

Vote: Just how mad is your March?

Bracket When do you fill out your bracket?

Selection Sunday has come and gone, and the field of 65 is all set for the men's basketball championship.

Now the hard part comes. If you ask us, the selection committee has the easy job in picking the team. We're the ones stuck trying to forecast how the whole thing will play out. Staring at all those blank spaces on a pristine page can be both one of the highlights in the year in sports and a daunting maze riddled with potential peril. Or maybe we spend too much time thinking about these things.

We want to know everything about your tournament experience -- how much you watch, what lengths you go to in order to watch, how many brackets you fill out, whether you let emotion trump logic, etc. Are you a bracket maniac?


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