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Deion Sanders in the Pro Bowl?

Deion Sanders was an athletic marvel, the kind of player who shut down passing games for years at a time in the NFL while simultaneously becoming a respectable baseball player. He hasn't played since 2005, but if he has his way, there will be some Prime Time at the Pro Bowl. Sanders and Jerry Rice are both taking part in a draft that will divvy up the Pro Bowl players into two rosters, and Sanders tweeted Monday that he plans on suiting up at the event. Sanders disguised himself as ''Leon Sandcastle'' and was picked first overall in a fictional NFL draft in a commercial for last year's Super Bowl, but one would think that real life wouldn't be quite so forgiving.

  • What do you make of Deion Sanders saying that he'll suit up for the Pro Bowl?


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  • Would you want to see Deion Sanders play in the Pro Bowl?


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  • Who would put on a better performance if both were to play in the Pro Bowl this year?


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  • Are you planning on watching the Pro Bowl?


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