Sherman calls out Manning

Richard Sherman stood his ground regarding his comment that Peyton Manning ''throws ducks,'' but did so in the nicest way possible -- couched in praise for Manning's accuracy and preparation and a bunch of other things people say about Peyton Manning when they're giving him kudos. Manning's arm strength has been questioned before -- it was one of the biggest concerns for him coming off his neck surgery -- but his results this season speak for themselves. He'll need to keep up his near-perfect play in the Super Bowl, unless he wants to see some of those so-called "ducks" float their way into the hands of Sherman or another member of the Seahawks' dangerous secondary.

What do you make of Richard Sherman's comments that Peyton Manning "throws ducks" and doesn't have the strongest arm?


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  • Will Richard Sherman have an interception in the Super Bowl?


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  • Which unit is better?


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