Derek Fisher is not impressed by your speed and quickness. He's not impressed by your youth, spryness and hairs of hues other than gray. He's not impressed by the fact that you didn't live through most of the Ford administration. Fisher has been here before. Thanks to a pair of clutch 3-pointers from the veteran guard, one to tie the game late in regulation and one to stake the Lakers to an overtime lead, the Lakers are a win from a title.

Not surprisingly, only a hardy few fans expect the Magic to rally from a 3-1 deficit. But consider how the tide of popular opinion has turned since the NBA Finals began.


Tonight was a consummate choke by the Magic for the second time in this series. First, Courtney Lee misses a chance to steal one in L.A. It was a tough shot--I'll give him that. Tonight there was no excuse. Jameer Nelson and our inability to make crucial free throws blew the series open. Add to that a possibility of Pietrus getting suspended and the Magic will soon have all offseason for those few plays to haunt them.

-- seanhipworth

Why would you let Nick Anderson in the building during a Finals game?

-- ikejenkins21

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