After two weeks of hockey in the Stanley Cup finals, we're right back where we started (not counting two weeks of playoff-beard growth). Before Game 1 in Detroit, 53 percent of SportsNation favored the Red Wings to win. Hours before Game 7 gets going at Joe Louis Arena, 51 percent of voters still expect the Red Wings to hoist the Cup.

No wonder Gary Bettman didn't seem bothered that his league kept scheduling its marquee games opposite the NBA Finals. But if there is a difference between then and now, it's the number of eyeballs that will be watching when the puck drops tonight.

And in this case, SportsNation is clearly not voting with its heart.


MAF through history is the last goalie I would want in net for the final game of anything. He cost canadian jrs titles especially a costly one against the USA. He doesn't seem to bring his best stuff in these type of games. I could be wrong for tomorrow night, but I just don't see him. He's young and will have a lot on his mind, but if the wings get to him early, he will be rattled and might allow some bad goals.

-- bumeri

Even with the first two games this year the difference was Ozzie. He made the saves that MAF didn't. The pens forced the turnovers, got the SOG, and played their style. I think tonight if MAF can step up and make the saves the Pens stand a good chance of winning.

-- ChiefMuzz

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