The BEST part is Hossa leaving the Pens for Detroit to have a better chance of winning the CUP, not to mention the 70 mil he left on the table.

-- walnutkid07

It's been 25 years since a team that lost in the Finals the year before managed to win the Stanley Cup the next year. That makes it even more impressive that some of you predicted the Penguins would win -- in seven games.

Before the final series began, we asked you who you thought would lift Lord Stanley's Cup. 4everDetroit thought we'd all be wearing ice skates before the Penguins would defeat the Red Wings at home. But some of you brilliantly foresaw a Game 7 victory: sirdidymus01, Chucksracing, Fred Rice, Hcokeydude, John-Flores, Beldar1718, Bqthaman, Sportsperson107, fastwillie1212, Lone_wolf2006, Garwin7, Dragonswizdom, Aries.1994 and Perdegro.

See their original picks on the CommunityEds blog, where we, ahem, picked the Pens in seven, too.

Hmmm. Maybe if Marian Hossa had asked all of us ...

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