Take Kobe Bryant out of the equation and the other four Lakers starters in Game 5 against the Orlando Magic had started a total of 2,054 regular-season games in their careers. So you start to see why Ivan Rodriguez tying Carlton Fisk's MLB record by catching game No. 2,226 is worth a pause this morning.

Pudge's tally equals roughly 20,000 innings of baseball. At a brisk pace, that's nealy 375,000 minutes -- otherwise known as 6,122 hours or 255 days. At Jonathan Papelbon's pace, it's about four years. That's a lot of squatting.


I was at the game tonight. I got goosebumps when Pudge hit that homerun and we gave him a standing ovation. It was a great moment. It was nice to get the win, and it was really nice to see Pudge do so well.

-- owhi

This is so great that Pudge gets to break the mark in front of his biggest fans...still the greatest catcher in team history and well deserving of the accolades...I can still remember when they called him up in '91.

-- andrewhesstx

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