Much like his favorite philosopher, Aristotle, Shaquille O'Neal hasn't had much need for winter outerwear while making a name for himself in warm climates. But to answer one of the key questions of human existence -- whether or not he's better than Kobe Bryant -- he'll have to break out the mittens and scarves. Winter in Cleveland; it's fantastic!

The trade that will send Shaq to the shores of Lake Erie for a second-round pick and nearly 14 feet of expiring contracts isn't finalized (presumably still checking for Ben Wallace's pulse ... Update: Good news for the Cavs and Wallace; the deal was finalized Thursday), but SportsNation likes the idea of Shaq adding LeBron to a trophy case of partners that includes Kobe and Dwyane Wade (and Penny Hardaway, but nobody's perfect).


Let's not forget, Shaq is much older, prone to injury and fatigue these days. He is unstoppable at times still but night in night out he's consistent. It's not like he's a defensive force anymore. He's still an immovable object though. I think he will help slightly. But it will take some growing time, even though he knows he has to defer to LeBron.

-- ACT1v1

All LeBron has to do is get Shaq to the playoffs. Shaq will get LeBron a ring. Shag could possibly get 3 more rings before he decides to call it quits. He could go to Dallas and get Dirk a ring after the Cav let him go. As long as they let Shaq bull his way in to the lane there is always a chance for him to win another championship

-- BigVilFromWestPhil

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