What a difference a few months make. Carlos "I'm opting out of my contract no matter what" Boozer has decided not to opt out of his contract after all, and will remain in a Jazz uniform. Why? Perhaps the cool $12.7 million he'll collect had something to do with it. But we're convinced it's because SportsNation told him to do so.

Whatever the case, Boozer will remain in Salt Lake City with another recent opt-inner, Mehmet Okur. What does this mean for the Utah Jazz next season? It's time you vote below and tell us.

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This is great for the Jazz as they are now in complete control. If the Jazz want to trade, they can. This is MUCH better than those players walking and the Jazz being left with nothing. Now they have Korver, Miles, Boozer, AK, Millsap & you name it, the Jazz can trade it! And if no trades, great! The Jazz will finally get the chance to do what we thought they would last year until every starter got injured.

-- halfhoosierhein

The silver lining to this gray cloud of a recession we are in is watching greedy athletes have to 'settle' for less than their ego's are comfortable with.

-- fathale