Congratulations, Brett Favre. You've managed to make your drama drag on longer in Minnesota than a soap opera that involved the combined powers of procrastination of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the state government.

Minnesotans finally have a second U.S. senator, but their pro football team doesn't yet know if it has a future Hall of Famer at quarterback (unless you're optimistic about Sage Rosenfels).

We bring up the ruling from the state Supreme Court that led to former senator Norm Coleman conceding to former comedian Al Franken because in early May, we asked you whether that race or Favre's comeback plans would be settled first. Oops.

Among other things measured on the Favre scale of time:


Forget Farve... Shift the focus to a QB of the future... Vince Young!

-- kirkwhumphrey

Its funny how everyone thinks that Favre is going to be throwing INTS all season. The thing is threw his whole career he has had to throw 30-40 pass a game in order to win with the Cheez nipz and Jets. Since he has the best running back in all of football, do you really think he is going to be throwing all those passes. Less passes=Less INTS.

-- vikings42011