Just as SportsNation predicted, a Williams sister has won the Wimbledon final. The only problem is that you picked the wrong sister. It was Serena Williams this time, not Venus, who snagged her third Wimbledon title in straight sets.

What did you think of the women's final? Were you shocked by the poor finals performance by Venus? Is Serena once again the most dominant player in the game? Discuss your thoughts below.


Anyone who's ever played anything competitively against a sibling knows they don't throw the game. I would NEVER let my sister win on purpose. Heck, I don't even let my wife win anything; she has to earn it.

-- fatjedi19

I heart Venus, but Serena is easy to root for 'cause no one competes better under pressure than she does. Great tournament for Venus as she decimated the faux-No. 1 in the semis. And, Serena has rightfully reasserted herself as the best player in the game.

-- brooklyn1006

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