In the immediate aftermath of the team's most recent championship, SportsNation was split as to whether or not the Lakers were favorites to repeat. But when the Cavaliers made their big move, literally, by adding Shaquille O'Neal to the mix, popular support swung in favor of LeBron James' team.

So what impact does Ron Artest have on things? Well, voters still think Artest would fit better alongside LeBron and Shaq, but it's no longer a contest for the top spot.

By a better than 2-to-1 margin, it's the Lakers for two.

And Artest's combustible past aside, voters not only think Dennis Rodman was more of a handful for Phil Jackson; they think a current member of the Lakers is more of a chore.


Great job hedo you went from playing for an elite team in the east to nearly playing for an up & coming portland squad to playing for a lottery team? The raptors will flirt with .500 at best and hedo can watch the playoffs from his cosmopolitan house enjoying the extra $$$ he has accepted for losing!

-- bos411

well i think the hedo deal was worth it for toranto yeah they have no shot at winning the whole thing but they are trying to put fans in the seats making the playoffs do that and hedo proved he is a playoff performer against the CAVS but when it comes down to it great pick up by the raptors

-- blackmatt86

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