We're sure the distinct lack of an American League lineup for the Home Run Derby has nothing to do with stars making like DeMarcus Ware on the sideline when asked to participate.

Sure, Josh Hamilton, Justin Morneau and Mark Teixeira already said they were out, and sure, the NL lineup was announced days ago. Yes, even Curtis Granderson has suggested it's not really his bag. But the delay is entirely coincidental; it's not as if the powers that be have been reduced to bribing Tim Wakefield to take some hacks. Right?

But if this year's Home Run Derby has all the makings of a dud (unless they wise up and make Ichiro do it), that won't stop us from wasting a few minutes on a Friday. How would things unfold if you put 10 of the greatest home run hitters (natural or otherwise) on the field for a power-hitting contest?


I dont blame the guy for not wanting to be a part of it. He won last years and espn decides to interview Josh hamilton. When they finally do interview Morneau he's asked about Josh hamilton's preformance. It was a joke how they treated this guy who won the damn thing.

-- socaliente

Baseball should have Griffey in it. I mean here's a guy who has the best swing in baseball and has won many of these before, in his prime. Now he is back home this season and the team and him individually have been god awful. In the past when he has won/entered into the Derby his swing has not been effected after, it's just that pure of a swing. Plus what's the worst that happens? his swing does slightly get affected? ohh well

-- Lil_Duece46

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