Frustrated that the Mets traded away a clutch chemistry guy like Ryan Church for the enigma that remains Jeff Francoeur -- whose swing made him the best football player the Braves employed since Brian Jordan -- SportsNation blogger BirishB says the trade effectively sums up a year of things going wrong in New York.

We think that's selling it short; it pretty well sums up the entire NL East.

Only in the NL East could a team with a losing record at home and some of the worst pitching numbers in baseball find itself in control of the race. And only in the NL East could a pair of Braves pitchers who reached the break ranked in the top 10 in ERA have a combined 13-14 record.

But through it all, the Phillies have maintained SportsNation's support. On June 22, the team woke up having lost six in a row and with a scant 1.5-game lead on the Mets but still held a commanding lead among voters.


im a braves fan that loved frenchy but this was a great trade for the braves. no one in the braves system could get his swing worked out and he was turning into andruw jones with less power. to bring in a good quality bat and teammate such as church is a great trade. now we just need to find a power bat to stick in the middle of the lineup

-- nrbradley

I think people have a hard time staying marlin fans because you can't get attached to players. Everytime we have a solid group of guys, or some great young prospects we get rid of them. It's hard to watch a team, when the players you like keep leaving....just my opinion.

-- mblally

The NY Mets have an excuse for having poor years the last 3 years. Especially this year has been the worst because of countless injuries to their Top Players. Not like the NY Yankees and Other top teams whose Top Players are perfectly healthy and should be way ahead of the Dodgers as the best team in MLB. But they are not because they are a bunch of spoiled brat punk era generation of overpaid players no thanks to what Curt Flood and Donald Fehr started.

-- ontario925

Last year getting inning eater Blanton worked for the Phils instead of getting Sabathia or Harden. They're trying to do it again this year. Get a less expensive, worse pitcher who will give you innings. The Phils won't try to get Halladay with or without possibly getting Pedro. This year is different. While the NL is terrible this year the Phils need better pitching to get past the Dodgers.

-- eaglesandceltics

Acta is just the scapegoat. The manager is always the one who gets thrown under the bus. Either way, that roster is capable of winning more games than they have, but nowhere near playoff contenders. I don't care if you resurrect Connie Mack, no one would have led the Nationals to anything more than a 90 loss season.

-- tybae40

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