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Plaxico Burress Will we see Plaxico Burress on an NFL field again?
The Manhattan DA is calling for jail time in the former Giant's gun case. The wide receiver reportedly agreed to a one-year deal, but prosecutors want more.

Michael Vick Is New England the best fit for Michael Vick?
Imagine the Wildcat potential. Imagine the non-responses to criticism and protest from the media-free bunker inhabited by the team's brain trust.

Pete Rose What should Bud Selig do about Pete Rose's lifetime ban?
Hank Aaron is on the Hit King's side. So are the fans. Now the wheels might be turning in the commissioner's office.

Baseball Would you teach your son to throw a curveball?
New research contradicts the conventional wisdom that throwing curves destroys young arms. Dr. James Andrews strongly disagrees with the findings.

Clinton Portis Which better describes Clinton Portis' personality, "regular awesome" or "super awesome"?
The Redskins running back, despite consistently excellent seasons, doesn't take himself too seriously. What's not to love about costumed news conferences?

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