So much for that Favre Vikings jersey we had our eye on. Or maybe it's more attractive now?

The Indecisive One made a final decision (maybe) on Tuesday to stay retired (probably) and not join the Minnesota Vikings for the 2009 season. This brings an end (we think) to a summer-long series of doctor visits, mysterious plane rides, "Where's Childress?" spottings and wall-to-wall coverage on this very Web site. While some might say his delayed decision-making was selfish, a healthy chunk of SportsNation blames the media for the story within a story that even led to Favre making fun of himself in a commercial for washing machines (it comes out in September, but we all know it'll leak online well before that).

But what about Vikings fans who are now left with the two-headed, not-very-intimidating monster of Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson taking snaps? The Michael Vick whispers are deafening.


I am not sure how Vick would be received in Minnesota, but, the Vikings should consider talking to Vick's agent. Send a few trial balloons out to the fans to see.

-- aggiesbeathornets

Cool now the Vikes can move on to pretending that they want either one of their qb's. I'm sure that conversation will be hilarious. "i know we put more stock in the 4% chance that we'd get a retired 40 year old than we did in either one of you, but we still think you can be our leader!"


Wisconsin will NEVER forget you Brent.

-- TheHelmutt

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