How much sleep do you imagine the average MLB GM has gotten this week? One hour? Two? Two and a half?

The days leading up to the trade deadline will do that to a person. Conventional wisdom states that the first third of the season is used to evaluate what your team needs, the second third is used to get what your team needs, and the third … the third is used to win with your newly revamped team. There are a few hours left in that second phase, a time when championships are forged, nerves are tested and probably a lot of take-out is ordered.

Victor Martinez has been the big name flying around recently. The Red Sox are currently working on a three-team deal with the Indians and an as-yet unnamed third team that would send Martinez to Boston, Clay Buchholz to Cleveland and several other players to various places to even out the deal. A week ago, SportsNation thought the Red Sox should have swapped Buchholz for Martinez straight up. Based on the way the Red Sox offense has been performing lately (hint: not well), acquiring a big bat may be just what the team needs to beat the Yankees. At very least, it might distract from all that other unpleasantness.


this is a waste for the Sox. Victor Martinez an aging catching who is a DH in waiting. Victor is considered a sub-standard catcher as far a game management goes. He does have a good bat but you can find a DH anywhere. Giving up Buchholtz for Martinez would really be a stupid move on the Sox part

-- ed0057

I think Martinez would fit perfectly on the Red Sox because with Tek getting older and power production down, Martinez could add more production and depth to the lineup and if he were to do well with the red sox then maybe they could sign him to a long-term deal.

-- yungzak

If the Red Sox land Martinez, then what happens to Varitek? He's the team captain and he'll be sitting on the bench. You can't DH him, then you have to put David Ortiz at 1B and we all know how well he fields.

-- tybae40

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