It's not quite "Cats," but it appears Eli Manning will be staying under the Big Apple's spotlight for a few more years. In something less than a shocking development, the Giants and their star quarterback have reportedly agreed on a six-year contract extension worth $97 million.

Manning has endured his ups and downs as a starting quarterback in the league's biggest media market (if you're a city that's going to boo Derek Jeter, Manning definitely isn't getting a free ride), but to paraphrase Dennis Green, he is who we thought he was.

Five years ago, just two months after the draft that included Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger, 68 percent of voters said the Giants did the right thing trading for Manning. In fact, more voters at that time thought the team should have taken someone other than a quarterback than thought it should have kept Rivers. One Super Bowl win for the Giants later, SportsNation ranked Manning No. 6 among NFL quarterbacks this spring, one spot ahead of Rivers.

Then again, if they had taken Roethlisberger instead ...


It's shocking that, in this economy, a mediocre QB can get a 97 million dollar contract.

-- leaf_01

for everyone saying the Giants overpaid, what would you have them do? like him or not, he is a franchise quarterback, and those are hard to come by. like it or not, his contract was up and the market decides the value, not the team. keep putting down Eli or over hyping him, and the Giants will keep winning either way.

-- KingGorilla72

No disrespect, but I'm just not sold on Eli as an elite QB. Good luck to NYG on this one.

-- westsidejinkorea

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