It's one thing to look good throwing passes in seven-on-seven drills or posing in the pocket while wearing a red jersey (we see you, Matt Stafford). Any quarterback can look good in a red jersey -- well, maybe not Jared Lorenzen.

The real test for a quarterback trying to earn a starting job comes when the whistle blows for real and defensive linemen are trying to do things to him that would make Brock Lesnar wince. And you thought preseason games were a waste of money. Well, actually, you're right about that, but they do play a role in settling quarterback duels.

While the opening exhibition game between the Titans and Bills didn't offer much in the way of quarterback drama (no matter what Vince Young thinks), the first full weekend of games will be a different story. One of the biggest auditions comes with Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson and the Browns visiting Lambeau Field. SportsNation ranked Quinn No. 2 when it came to quarterbacks battling for jobs, behind only Oakland's Jeff Garcia. The bad news for the former Golden Domer is voters also ranked Anderson No. 3.

Hey, look at that. A post about quarterbacks that didn't mention Brett Favre or Michael Vick ... until now. Our bad.


I was never a huge Sanchez fan until he started coming into the restauraunt that I worked at as a night job. He is the most respectful and mature kid out of any football player I have seen come out of college in years. Im not just saying that because I have met him a few times. Im saying that because anyone who is in his shoes now a days seems to get soooooo big headed and lose focus of why they are where they are. I did not get this vibe from Sanchez at all.

-- jryanfrink

Rosenfels is HANDS DOWN better than T Jackson. If Childress will swallow his ego and let him start the Viks will win the division, if not then I feel Green Bay will win the division. Cutler is a spoiled baby and it will take him two years (at least) to become a man in the NFC North.

-- 3hypocycloids4cusps

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