Pedro Martinez might not have been in the Cy Young form that helped him dominate the game a decade ago, but he was good enough to get the win in his first start for the Phillies on Wednesday. It was the fan harkening back to famous moments in beverage tossing circa 2004 that had us shaking our heads at how far we haven't come as a species.

As Shane Victorino settled under a long fly ball in the fifth inning, a beer lobbed from the bleachers arrived to complicate matters. He made the catch (the ball, not the beer), and despite his memorable sprint from center field after being ejected for arguing balls and strikes from afar earlier this week, he refrained from reacting to this dousing in the manner Ron Artest made famous in 2004.

A fan was ejected, albeit apparently not the right one, but should Cubs fans in the bleachers have turned on (or turned in) one of their own? Say what you want about the excesses of Red Sox Nation, but at least they throw their concessions at each other.


Anyone who thinks that the Cubs fan who threw the beer is a "cool dude" and that Philly players "deserve trouble because you hate Philly fans" is making a big mistake. Bad fan behavior that impacts other fans or players is wrong and the LOSERS who do it should face maximum jail time and whatever else can happen including a lifetime ban from the stadium. Some of you just don't get it- bad fan behavior is not just a "Philly" problem- it's a problem EVERYWHERE.

-- wylies99

Pedro was okay. Honestly, about what I expected. I thought he'd go six and give up three runs, so I wasn't too far off. What I was impressed with most was his control, his breaking ball and the fact that the gun popped out a couple 93's in his last inning.

-- andykovatch

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