Brandon Marshall claims he has "trust issues" with the Broncos, who already ran their supposed franchise quarterback out of town this summer. Todd Haley, who created as much drama as an assistant coach can hope to muster in Dallas and Arizona, is doing damage control after comments that seemed to suggest Matt Cassel might not be his guy. And we haven't even gotten to Tom Cable's purportedly taking a coach's responsibility to bust chops a tad too literally.

May you live in interesting times, AFC West fans.

Granted, the on-the-field action in the AFC West may leave a little something to be desired this season -- 73 percent of SportsNation predicts the Chargers will win, including voters in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. But the off-field drama could fill the void.

For now, the hot spot appears to be in Denver, where a majority of SportsNation thinks the Broncos should trade Marshall as soon as possible (although fans in Colorado are more inclined to let him play out the season angry).


Brandon Marshall will NEVER be happy playing for the Broncos. Nobody wants to play for that organization. They will be rebuilding for the next 5-7 years. They will have the worst record in the NFL for the next 3 seasons. They are a joke!

-- mcbrink26

This is getting stupid. Marshall is jumping on anything to get away from Denver. What a baby. People like this need to realize the NFL is not a right but a privilege. Play out your contract like a man and see if you get 1,000 yards without Cutler and then you can talk about a new contract. We need more receivers like Calvin or Andre Johnson.

-- ianreeves20

Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fuedalism or any other -ism you could think of, Marsall would be employed if there was a football team in the country. Don't let your bias or maybe jealousy of multi-million dollar athletes cloud you perspective. Brandon Marshall is not some bank teller that are a dime a dozen.

-- pakoneoh

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