Mark Sanchez will reportedly be the Jets' starting quarterback when the regular season opens, making him part of a lineage that includes Bubby Brister and Browning Nagle.

Actually, it may be exactly that lineage new coach Rex Ryan is hoping to escape in turning to his hotshot rookie. Chad Pennington certainly had his moments, and Vinny Testaverde put together some winning seasons, but Canton isn't going to come calling for either. SportsNation isn't convinced that Sanchez is ready to be a star right now -- voters recently ranked him behind Jason Campbell, Brady Quinn, Kyle Orton and others in the outlook for 2009. But as SportsNation commenter 96Orange puts it, when the other option is former Oregon Duck Kellen Clemens, what's the downside here?

"There is no learning curve on the bench, especially when there isn't a star ahead of you. If you think he'll develop into a top tier QB, you'll need him to start playing and start learning. Eli had Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers had Farve ... Sanchez isn't going to learn much by watching Clemens ... maybe if Pennington was still around, but otherwise ... play the game." -- 96Orange


This guy should have nightmares of Ray Lewis. Sanchez is another Brady Quinn. Jets 6-10

-- phinishstrong

I am quite proud of the Ravens D but still, Sanchez doesn't look comfortable. Looks like he has no idea what he's seeing sometimes and it seems like the Jets are gambling with what could be a fairly successful season. Not that Clemens is a savior by any stretch, but he's not nearly as likely to throw Pick 6's on back to back drives. Ray simply dropped what would have been another TD.

-- Jon_Young

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