We didn't have a lot of college football today, but that was guaranteed to change with Mel Kiper Jr. around. Our favorite guru of all things gridiron opened his chat by fielding one of the more underrated debates in college football this season.

Sure, you'll hear plenty about the quarterback race between Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Jevan Snead and Tim Tebow (but not Mitch Mustain, as Kiper also addressed), but the receiver duel betweeen SEC rivals A.J. Green and Julio Jones could be something special. Who is the preseason favorite?

Tim (MN)

Who do you like better AJ Green or Julio Jones?

Mel Kiper Jr.

Wow ... that's the million dollar question about those two receivers. Julio Jones, they want to move around a lot. They have to find somebody opposite him of top quality. You have a new quarterback taking over and there's very little depth. In terms of A.J. Green, no Matthew Stafford, but you have Joe Cox, a veteran quarterback taking over. You talk about explosiveness, Green is a tremendously explosive football player. He's long, angular. Green averaged over 17 yards per catch. If everything's equal, I give the slightest edge to Green. But both are great, great players. Full transcript

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