We're referencing a question from a SportsNation chatter who referenced a SportsNation poll in asking a question of Joe Morgan. How meta narcissistic of us.

In Tuesday's chat, Morgan brought up the example of Steve Carlton in talking about a pitcher from a losing team (i.e. Zack Greinke) winning the Cy Young. But how about the award's namesake? Young didn't play for a pennant winner until 1903, 13 years after he broke in.

Richard (MO)

Sportsnation says they'd vote Zack Greinke for the A.L. Cy Young. What are your thoughts on this considering his 13-8 record?

Joe Morgan

I definitely think Greinke should be considered because he has pitched well. When you're looking at these awards, it doesn't say the Cy Young should be the best pitcher on a winning team, it's the best pitcher. It simply says that, the best pitcher in the league. Zack Greinke is definitely in that category. We still have a month to go to decide if he's No. 1, 2, whatever. If CC Sabathia wins four more starts, pitching for the Yankees and that pressure, he'll probably win it. But remember Greinke doesn't have as good a team behind him. Steve Carlton won it, and his team only won 50 games or something. It's happened before. Full transcript

James (NY)

What does CC have to do to lock up the CY? 20 wins and a little lower ERA?

Rob Neyer

He might not even need 20, but if he gets there he'll be tough to beat unless one of the guys with significantly lower ERA's wins 18. Full transcript

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