Has a quarterback controversy ever gone on for this long? It seems like we've been asking "Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson? Anderson or Quinn?" ever since young Brady was drafted. You could practically set your watch by it at this point.

Still, as we are all sports fans, the bare fact that this is still an issue means that we are bound to debate it. To wit: In August, it was Quinn. In May, it was Quinn. In March, it was Quinn. Back in November, it was still Quinn.

So, Eric Mangini, the question is: Are you a man of the people? Will you heed their cries and start Mr. Brady Quinn, now and for the foreseeable future? Or is it as we feared? Are you an autocrat whose word is law? If so, that's cool. We think that's in the job description for "NFL head coach."


I realize that most of the time once they choose they stick w the same guy but in this situation.. Play both.. Unless one Truely stands out significantly more consistant and better in the entire Preseason.. play them both 1 half at a time..


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