As if an NFL draft with Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow needed more drama, next year's selection festivities may also include a guy looking to become a repeat first-round pick. With each passing day, it appears more and more likely that Michael Crabtree won't sign with the 49ers. And to think everyone thought the Raiders were the Bay Area team that wasted a pick on a wide receiver.

Pete (Florida)

If he re-enters the draft in 2010, will Crabtree go in the 1st with all the obvious character issues?

Buster Olney

You're talking about him a year away from the game. Mike Williams was away from the game for a year, was the 11th pick by the Lions and was a bust. Time away from the game is important. IF he goes back into the draft, he will be a talent. Sitting out this year, he looses a years salary and he losses a year that would have brought him a year closer to free agency. Both parties took this too far. The 49ers know that they won't get anything out of Crabtree in his rookie season. Full transcript

Andrew (Seattle)

Is Michael Crabtree not about money at all and Crabtree just doesn't want to be a 49er?

Chris Mortensen

Good question. I think if the 49ers had caved and given him "top five" money, then he would already have been signed. But I have sensed that he wasn't thrilled about going to 49ers. That's life. A lot of players would like to be able to choose their teams coming out of college but that's not how the system works. Full transcript