This week's Heisman Watch ranker will be out in a few hours, a list that would have prominently included Herschel Walker at one point. If, you know, existed in 1982 ... seven years before Cal running back Jahvid Best was born. What we're saying is Walker is old.

But the former member of the Georgia Bulldogs, New Jersey Generals, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Cowboys (again), United States bobsled team and Fort Worth Ballet is back and ready to begin an MMA career at 47 years old.

It's already been a banner year for old guys in the headlines, from Brett Favre waffling to Tom Watson putting, Mark Martin driving and John Smoltz stinking, but do you want to see Walker, a taekwondo expert, fighting away his golden years?


To everyone saying tae kwon doe is useless,I've watched alot of MMA fights end with kicks. As some of you said though he's gonna need some ground game to be truly competitive. I respect his drive but don't expect this to go too far.

-- MetalDent

I wonder if HW is broke or if he just has such a huge ego he believes that even at his age he can handle MMA. Anyone who's ever seen one of those fights knows those dudes are INCREDIBLE fighters. A 5th degree in TKD is not going to be worth squat the minute he hits the ground. I'm betting it's more ego than money.

-- gadun